About Us

Welcome to The Design Hammock

We provide clients with clean, efficient and responsive web-sites at competitive prices. We do the legwork, so you can focus on what’s important.

Who Are We

The Design Hammock is a small web-development agency with big dreams! We operate out of Pretoria and service the need for custom web solutions, ranging from CMS solutions for small businesses to full-scale application servers for academic application.

Our Mission

To inspire the creation of beautiful, powerful websites, cultivate industry-leading skills, and workplace-culture in our employees. Our mission is to foster a creative, rich working environment and inspire our employees to the next generation of internet applications and projects. We want to be able to give to our clients by giving to our employees and in so doing, facilitate growth and success.

What We Do


Our 5-D Process



First, we organize a meeting to sit and discuss your needs. This helps us figure out what your job requirements and goals are, as well as what you already have in place. Using this, we can offer tailored advice and solutions to meet these goals.



Once we have met and discussed your jobs scope and requirements, its time to plan out your project and hand it over to our dedicated team of developers and designers!



This is where the magic happens! During this stage, our developers, designers and project managers work together to craft your product according to the project specs!



To ensure you are getting the very best quality results, we hold regular feedback sessions to review key checkpoints. We may meet with you again if any key decisions need to be made still.



Once all the key project milestones have been reached, we organize a meeting with you to unveil your shiny new product and get it firing on all four cylinders!

Why Choose Us?

Our team is built around loving what you do. This passion drives our desire to learn about the web and fuels the services we offer! We love plying our craft and being able to use these skills to help you!

We offer elegantly designed sites, with an emphasis on branding and identity. We craft clean code and high-quality designs to meet your needs!

We offer all-inclusive training for our creations! With a key focus on enabling our customers, we believe that at the end of the design process, you should have more control over your product, not less.

Our product discovery process focuses on identifying what works best for your needs. We will sit with you to figure out what solutions work for you!

We believe in empowering the young people of today onto bigger and better things in life! With a focus on hiring passionate young developers and designers, we provide excellent service to you while investing in the next generation!

Our staff are highly qualified individuals who work with passion and pride. Some of our staff are even academics!

Meet The Team

These are the people who help make the magic happen!


Graeme Ford